Monday, October 15, 2018

HKP 044: EYF - To Be Erased

Hailing from the bleakest reaches of Montana, 3 worthless souls have rejoined from the formless ether to deliver unto us one of the bleakest, most clandestine monuments of black art yet. Clocking in at exactly 38 minutes, this release is particularly for fans of black doom in the vein of Hypothermia and Trist! Expect this ritual of darkness to be loosed here on Samhain, October 31st, 2018.

1. To Be Erased   38:00

Total playing time: 38:00

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Saturday, March 24, 2018

HKP 042: Holokauston - Hymns for an Unavailing Tragedy

Hailing from Chennai, India, we are pleased to bring you the musical assault of Holokauston. Holokauston is a sacrifice of all mortal thought process. Sacrifice to enlightenment. The philosophy of the music is pessimistic, negative and nihilistic in nature, drawing much of its influence on Greek Tragedy and pessimism. Available on March 27th right here!

01. Pessimism I
02. Pessimism II
03. Pessimism III
04. Fists of a Crusader
05. Ærie Descent [Thorns cover]

Total playing time: 43:08

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Friday, December 22, 2017

HKP Welcomes Holokauston

It brings us great joy to announce the 7th official signing for Hammerkrieg Productions, the raw and aggressive Holokauston, from Chennai, India! Fresh from the underground malaise of India's unique black metal scene, Holokauston focuses their sound on misanthropy, greek philosophy and tragedy, and mass extinction of the human race. Ideas and philosophies HKP can definitely get behind, their next EP is due out around late February or early March, 2018!

Welcome to our ranks, kindred in arms! Help us defile the ears of the unworthy with your razor edge!

Monday, July 17, 2017

HKP Welcomes Gor

It gives us great joy to announce our third official signing, the mighty Gor from Clevedon, UK! Taking their stylings from the grotesqueries and esoterica that was ever-present in the now-deceased grind act Angelfuck, Gor picks up the torch to bludgeon all who listen to it with its  unrelenting fury! A must for death metal and goregrind enthusiasts

Herzlich willkommen, kameradschaft!! Together we'll slay the wretched world that stands between us and glory!

HKP 040: Desolation - V

Coming from the desolate wake of Alabama, HKP 040 yields two gems wrested from the grimy depths of utter despair. Returning from the triumphant release of IV, Desolation is an experimental drone band with elements of doom metal and neoclassical themes added into this violent, powerful anthem. EDM generally refers to various new-age and relaxing music, but in the case of Decay, it stands for Electronic Doom Meditation. Be prepared for a long, painful journey into Madness when experiencing these two masterpieces first-hand! Available here and here July 18, 2017!

Desolation - V

1. The Light Is Gone... 10:48  
2. Wandering 01:48  
3. Fields of Despair 06:12  
4. Losing Faith 04:12  
5. Wastelands... 01:20  
6. Sadness 03:07
Total Playing Time: 27:27

Decay - Annihilation

1. Devastation 03:00  
2. Hallucination 05:03  
3. Absolution 02:32  
4. Annihilation 03:30  
5. The Dark 01:36  
6. Etherium 04:20
7. Hallucination [V Mix] 05:03  
8. Annihilation [V Mix] 03:32  
9. K [Fade Remix] 05:52  
10. Broken Dreams [V Mix] 03:09  

Total Playing Time:  37:37

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Thursday, May 18, 2017


Zebulon Kosted's Facebook
Zebulon Kosted's Bandcamp
Zebulon Kosted - YHNRYHNC

Wrought from the unorthodox black metal of Montana, Zebulon Kosted brings forth a new album based on the societal upheaval this generation faces and the conflict that is harvested from it! Experimental yet so true to the pulse of the underground, this avantgarde work of esoteric collectivist black metal is a sought-after masterpiece that can very well change the way you perceive the society in which you dwell! Available on CD here June 6th!!

1. Intro   02:19
2. Stripping, Burning, Crushing   04:33
3. With the Best of Intentions   05:10
4. Brought to Us by Slavery   06:21
5. That False God   09:43
6. Progress   06:16
7. Nightmares Become Reality   05:09
8. You Have No Race You Have No Culture   04:55
9. Outro   08:22

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Monday, March 13, 2017

HKP 036: Desolation - IV

Wrested from the grave in which it lay, Desolation's monolith to minimal, nihilistic drone, IV, comes from the depths of Alabama's depressing malaise. It is stark, unique, and powerful, reminiscent of abstraction, noise, and movement through esoteric themes. Available on CD here March 20th!!

1. Daybreak   03:18
2. Moonlight Through the Mist. . . .   07:11
3. Broken   06:19
4. The Sea   03:16
5. The Bleeding Sky   09:52
6. Screams in the Wind   06:41
7. And the Heavens Were Torn Asunder   21:55
8. In Ewiger Erinnerung   06:12
9. In Silentium Penitus   02:10

Total playing time: 66:54

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Friday, December 16, 2016

HKP 035: EYF - Malignant

Hailing from the bleakest reaches of Montana, 3 worthless souls have joined forces to create one of the most disturbing, clandestine monuments of black art yet. Clocking in at just over 15 minutes, experience the depths of depravity this unrehearsed, despondent, available for CD purchase here December 21, 2016!

1. Malignant   15:10

Total playing time: 15:10

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HKP 034: Poltergeist - Poltergeist

Summoning the hatred of Washington D.C.'s metal scene comes the black / speed metal band Poltergeist, known for its driving riffs and experimental themes. Taking its core mythos behind the songs from one of the most beloved video game franchises ever devised, The Elder Scrolls, it counts itself among the few bands to call itself True Tamrielic Black Metal! Available here and here on 20 Evening Star, 2016!

1. The Cold Void / Poltergeist   09:32
2. Sheogorath   03:14
3. Eyes Adjusted   03:23
4. Storm Rite   02:56
5. Molag Bal / Blackreach 06:18
6. The Khlyst; or the Last Tsar   05:22

Total playing time: 30:45

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