Friday, September 9, 2016

HKP 030: Eigengrau - Verse

HKP 032: Eigengrau - Verse

The triumphant return of one of the most disturbing and experimental black metal entities to HKP, Eigengrau hold steadfast in their passion for sheer, twisted blackness. Experimental yet so true to the pulse ov the underground, this full-length album is a sought-after masterpiece hailing both the old and the new! Available for purchase here and here on September 21, 2016!

1. Tallow - 15:29
2. Centrule - 02:14
3. Renouncement - 07:09
4. In Concerto - 04:39
5. Orrery - 12:01

Total playing time: 41:32

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Sunday, August 7, 2016

HKP 032: 1389 / Nokturnal Poetry - Hymns of Human Destruction [2-way split]

HKP 032: Hymns of Human Destruction

Hailing from the bleakest reaches of Bosnia and Mexico, 1389 and Nokturnal Poetry have joined forces to create some of the most disturbing, controversial monuments of black art yet. Clocking in at just under half an hour, experience the depths of depravity these two monolithic bands have to offer, available for 33-handnumbered cassettes here and here August 15, 2016!

1. 1389 - Plamen Koji ce Goriti Vjecno 3:41
2. 1389 - Vihori Drevnih Planina 5:49
3. 1389 - Oci u Magli Satan Panonski 3:54
4. Nokturnal Poetry - Genocide War 4:30
5. Nokturnal Poetry - The Cold Winds of Death and Terror 7:05
6. Nokturnal Poetry - The Night of the Ancient Wisdom 4:55

Total playing time: 29:54

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Saturday, July 16, 2016

HKP Welcomes Eigengrau

It gives us untold amounts of joy to announce our second official signing, the mighty Eigengrau from Sydney, Australia. Taking their stylings from esoteric and chaotic concepts of poetry torn from the twisted minds of the two members that comprise this dark amalgam, Ariadne Azazel and Skolopendra, they unite to bring us a dark descent reminiscent of the old gods of black metal. 

Welcome aboard, comrades-in-arms! Together we'll bring our war to those who would deny us our greatness!

Friday, June 17, 2016

HKP 031: Plecto Aliquem Capite - The End

HKP 031: Plecto Aliquem Capite - The End.

Summoning the core of the underground malaise from Colombo, Sri Lanka, Plecto Aliquem Capite brings forth a disturbing look into the darkest depths of human nature. Their latest EP, The End, stands as a testament to the unsettling upheaval that dwells within the hearts of the easily corrupted, an intense listening experience for fans of experimental black metal. Available for purchase here and here through HKP on June 28, 2016

1. Hypersomnia
2. Parasomnia
3. Grief
4. Loss

Total playing time: 24:23

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Thursday, June 16, 2016

HKP 029: Maus - Demo 2

A triumphant return for the vicious, heathenistic 2-piece band from the United States! Maus reiterates their absolute disgust with modernity and political correctness in this cassette demo, clocking in at just under a 20 minutes. Written in the vein of Bilskirnir and Wehrhammer, this release is a must-have for any NSBM enthusiast! Available for purchase here and through HKP on June 16, 2016.

1. Spears of W.A.R.
2. Pierce Their Hearts!!
3. Kriegsflagge Fliegen Hoch
4. Sonnenrad
5. Unity Through Nobility
6. Fehu

Total playing time: 18:59

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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Updates - Part VI

It has been awhile. Almost 2 years since I put HKP on hiatus due to lack of funds and other, more personal reasons. However, the winds have thus changed, and I'm planning to bring our organization back into the fray, now that I've managed to sequester some decent funding. However, things will be different this time around. Not so much with my typical release structure or business acumen. Instead, we will be releasing music in four various ways.

The first two, like we have always done, is releasing albums via limited release CD and cassette. It works, it makes for good collectors merch, and it gives the music that sound that is synonymous with the underground. Otherwise, we will start doing vinyl releases, even more limited than the cassette tapes. And they will be rarer, as it's more expensive to produce. And finally, we will offer induction into the HKP Bandcamp. Rates of sale will be negotiated between the label and the band, ov course, but mostly this will serve as a digital alternative to those who buy vinyl and cassette. And of course, we'll offer the ones who do do vinyl or cassette the opportunity to download the album, free of charge, as a digital backup.

That is all for now. Expect more soon.

- Erz.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Updates - Part V

It has been 3 months since the last release HKP had attempted. Less successful than I would have preferred it to be, I have henceforth decided that any future releases will have to go through extensive screening in order to deem them worthy for us to support. Understand this, everyone: this is a minor label, without infinite access to funds. Especially due to the current dryspell in interest and involvement, it is my responsibility now to screen out the leeches who release on multiple labels at once in order to massage their own egos and make sure that people true to the spirit ov the underground get signed.

Last year has taught me much about the differences between these two types ov bands. And it is evident to me that it is a problem, a growing one at that, that we must keep at bay, lest we watch as our beloved underground succumb to decay and stagnation. So, if I listen to your album and deem it worthwhile for HKP to invest in, please take it personally. You've earned it. However, if I screen your album and tell you HKP can't afford to release this for you, don't take it personally. HKP exists for the betterment ov our underground scene, a responsibility I take very seriously. It supports others who also adhere to this philosophy, such as Exalted Woe Records and Funereal Drone Recordings. Our goal is to get things back to the way they were in the early '90s, where one had to live the underground in order to be the underground. And we will succeed!


- Erz.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

HKP 027: Nordjn - Psychosis Incantation

HKP 027: Nordjn - Psychosis Incantation

A triumphant return for one ov the previous bands that have defiled the ears ov the living through HKP! Nordjn reiterates his absolute disgust and bleak despair in this EP, clocking in at just under a half-hour. In the vein ov Darkthrone and Silencer, it is a must-have for any true black metal enthusiast! Available for purchase here today, January 1, 2014!

1. Nothing Left Living For 9:58
2. Last Night's Memories 2:27
3. Lost Soul Third Eye 3:40
4. Clouded Subconscious 3:16
5. My Eyes are Clear 3:32
6. Blacked Out 4:18
7. Thy Outro 2:48

Total playing time: 29:59

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HKP 026: Yhdarl / Zebulon Kosted [2-way split]

HKP 026: Yhdarl / Zebulon Kosted

Yhdarl's Facebook
Yhdarl's Bandcamp
Zebulon Kosted's Facebook
Zebulon Kosted's Bandcamp

Hailing from the bleakest reaches ov Bulgaria and the US, Yhdarl and Zebulon Kosted have joined forces to create one ov the most disturbing, disease-driven monuments ov black art yet. Clocking in at just under an hour, experience the depths ov depravity these two monolithic bands have to offer, available for both CD or tape purchase here January 1, 2014!

1. Yhdarl - Symbols of Blood 30:07
2. Zebulon Kosted - Stryker 22:39

Total playing time: 52:46

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Friday, December 27, 2013

Updates - Part IV

Due to complete lack ov funds from graduating the corpseden ov college earlier this month, I've had to put off the release schedule yet again. However, don't think that just because this happened that HKP is out ov business. Sure, I may be a small, do-it-yourself label that only holds so much sway, but I've got great friends who advise me on the best course ov action when things like this occur. [And not all ov them are brands ov whiskey or beer.] So, to catch up with the releases, I've decided thusly: all ov the promised albums will be released on the 1st ov next year with a catch: you buy one album and I'll send you another from the release list free ov charge. Here is what will be coming out on New Years':

When We Live - When We Live
Crows in the Garden - Atom
Daylight Nightmare
Nordjn - Psychosis Incantation
Zebulon Kosted / Yhdarl

There will be both tapes as well as CDs, so there are plenty ov choices to choose from. It is my way ov thanking you, my loyal supporters, for all the help you have given me throughout these two years ov business and in the hopes that next year will be even mightier than this last one! 


- Erz.