Thursday, October 31, 2013

HKP 025: Zebulon Kosted / Eigengrau [2-way split]

HKP 025: Zebulon Kosted / Eigengrau

United in a furious amalgam ov unorthodox black metal hailing from both the northern and southern regions ov the planet, Zebulon Kosted and Eigengrau hold steadfast in their passion for sheer, twisted blackness. Experimental yet so true to the pulse ov the underground, this 2-way split spanning the globe is a sought-after masterpiece hailing both the old and the new! Available for purchase here on October 31, 2013!

1. Zebulon Kosted - Missoula 22:36
2. Eigengrau - Disbereavement 06:41
3. Eigengrau - Whirld 05:09
4. Eigengrau - Stanchion 09:15

Total playing time: 43:41

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Saturday, October 12, 2013

HKP 024: Kveldstjarnr - Untitled

HKP 024: Kveldstjarnr - Untitled

Hailing from New Orleans, Louisiana, Kveldstjarnr is the second chapter in frontman Nattfari's musical journey through space and time. Taking massive amounts ov influence from bands like Eyehategod and Blut aus Nord, it is a treasured addition to any black metal fanatic's vault. Available for purchase on October 10, 2013. And remember, you may live in any city in the world, but New Orleans is the only city that will live in you!

1. Untitled 03:40
2. Untitled 05:01
3. Untitled 07:39
4. Untitled 06:42

Total playing time: 22:02

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Released in conjunction with Blasphemous Revenant Productions.

Updates - Part III

Been awhile since I posted on here about the goings-on at HKP. And there are some changes to be made that I must make everyone aware ov. Firstly, on the subject concerning cassettes that I release. From here on out, due to the fact that my copyette has fallen into disrepair and is, for the most part, a useless piece ov junk, if you want a tape release, the content must now be less than 30 minutes. Having to spend one hour per tape to get 13 ready for release takes just too godsdamned much time, which could be put to better use anyway. Secondly, the updated release schedule is ready for the immediate future:

October 10 - HKP 024: Kveldstjarnr
October 31 - HKP 025: Zebulon Kosted / Eigengrau
November 10 - HKP 026: Daytime Nightmare
November 17 - HKP 027: When We Live
December 1 - HKP 028: Dysphoria

And, as always, this is subject to change. Thanks for your continued support. Prost!

- Erz.