Monday, July 17, 2017

HKP Welcomes Gor

It gives us great joy to announce our third official signing, the mighty Gor from Clevedon, UK! Taking their stylings from the grotesqueries and esoterica that was ever-present in the now-deceased grind act Angelfuck, Gor picks up the torch to bludgeon all who listen to it with its  unrelenting fury! A must for death metal and goregrind enthusiasts

Herzlich willkommen, kameradschaft!! Together we'll slay the wretched world that stands between us and glory!

HKP 040: Desolation - V

Coming from the desolate wake of Alabama, HKP 040 yields two gems wrested from the grimy depths of utter despair. Returning from the triumphant release of IV, Desolation is an experimental drone band with elements of doom metal and neoclassical themes added into this violent, powerful anthem. EDM generally refers to various new-age and relaxing music, but in the case of Decay, it stands for Electronic Doom Meditation. Be prepared for a long, painful journey into Madness when experiencing these two masterpieces first-hand! Available here and here July 18, 2017!

Desolation - V

1. The Light Is Gone... 10:48  
2. Wandering 01:48  
3. Fields of Despair 06:12  
4. Losing Faith 04:12  
5. Wastelands... 01:20  
6. Sadness 03:07
Total Playing Time: 27:27

Decay - Annihilation

1. Devastation 03:00  
2. Hallucination 05:03  
3. Absolution 02:32  
4. Annihilation 03:30  
5. The Dark 01:36  
6. Etherium 04:20
7. Hallucination [V Mix] 05:03  
8. Annihilation [V Mix] 03:32  
9. K [Fade Remix] 05:52  
10. Broken Dreams [V Mix] 03:09  

Total Playing Time:  37:37

Contact Erz. here or visit here for ordering info!