Friday, December 16, 2016

HKP 034: Poltergeist - Poltergeist

Summoning the hatred of Washington D.C.'s metal scene comes the black / speed metal band Poltergeist, known for its driving riffs and experimental themes. Taking its core mythos behind the songs from one of the most beloved video game franchises ever devised, The Elder Scrolls, it counts itself among the few bands to call itself True Tamrielic Black Metal! Available here and here on 20 Evening Star, 2016!

1. The Cold Void / Poltergeist   09:32
2. Sheogorath   03:14
3. Eyes Adjusted   03:23
4. Storm Rite   02:56
5. Molag Bal / Blackreach 06:18
6. The Khlyst; or the Last Tsar   05:22

Total playing time: 30:45

Contact Erz. at for ordering info!

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