Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Updates - Part VI

It has been awhile. Almost 2 years since I put HKP on hiatus due to lack of funds and other, more personal reasons. However, the winds have thus changed, and I'm planning to bring our organization back into the fray, now that I've managed to sequester some decent funding. However, things will be different this time around. Not so much with my typical release structure or business acumen. Instead, we will be releasing music in four various ways.

The first two, like we have always done, is releasing albums via limited release CD and cassette. It works, it makes for good collectors merch, and it gives the music that sound that is synonymous with the underground. Otherwise, we will start doing vinyl releases, even more limited than the cassette tapes. And they will be rarer, as it's more expensive to produce. And finally, we will offer induction into the HKP Bandcamp. Rates of sale will be negotiated between the label and the band, ov course, but mostly this will serve as a digital alternative to those who buy vinyl and cassette. And of course, we'll offer the ones who do do vinyl or cassette the opportunity to download the album, free of charge, as a digital backup.

That is all for now. Expect more soon.

- Erz.