Thursday, March 27, 2014

Updates - Part V

It has been 3 months since the last release HKP had attempted. Less successful than I would have preferred it to be, I have henceforth decided that any future releases will have to go through extensive screening in order to deem them worthy for us to support. Understand this, everyone: this is a minor label, without infinite access to funds. Especially due to the current dryspell in interest and involvement, it is my responsibility now to screen out the leeches who release on multiple labels at once in order to massage their own egos and make sure that people true to the spirit ov the underground get signed.

Last year has taught me much about the differences between these two types ov bands. And it is evident to me that it is a problem, a growing one at that, that we must keep at bay, lest we watch as our beloved underground succumb to decay and stagnation. So, if I listen to your album and deem it worthwhile for HKP to invest in, please take it personally. You've earned it. However, if I screen your album and tell you HKP can't afford to release this for you, don't take it personally. HKP exists for the betterment ov our underground scene, a responsibility I take very seriously. It supports others who also adhere to this philosophy, such as Exalted Woe Records and Funereal Drone Recordings. Our goal is to get things back to the way they were in the early '90s, where one had to live the underground in order to be the underground. And we will succeed!


- Erz.