Friday, December 27, 2013

Updates - Part IV

Due to complete lack ov funds from graduating the corpseden ov college earlier this month, I've had to put off the release schedule yet again. However, don't think that just because this happened that HKP is out ov business. Sure, I may be a small, do-it-yourself label that only holds so much sway, but I've got great friends who advise me on the best course ov action when things like this occur. [And not all ov them are brands ov whiskey or beer.] So, to catch up with the releases, I've decided thusly: all ov the promised albums will be released on the 1st ov next year with a catch: you buy one album and I'll send you another from the release list free ov charge. Here is what will be coming out on New Years':

When We Live - When We Live
Crows in the Garden - Atom
Daylight Nightmare
Nordjn - Psychosis Incantation
Zebulon Kosted / Yhdarl

There will be both tapes as well as CDs, so there are plenty ov choices to choose from. It is my way ov thanking you, my loyal supporters, for all the help you have given me throughout these two years ov business and in the hopes that next year will be even mightier than this last one! 


- Erz.