Thursday, October 31, 2013

HKP 025: Zebulon Kosted / Eigengrau [2-way split]

HKP 025: Zebulon Kosted / Eigengrau

United in a furious amalgam ov unorthodox black metal hailing from both the northern and southern regions ov the planet, Zebulon Kosted and Eigengrau hold steadfast in their passion for sheer, twisted blackness. Experimental yet so true to the pulse ov the underground, this 2-way split spanning the globe is a sought-after masterpiece hailing both the old and the new! Available for purchase here on October 31, 2013!

1. Zebulon Kosted - Missoula 22:36
2. Eigengrau - Disbereavement 06:41
3. Eigengrau - Whirld 05:09
4. Eigengrau - Stanchion 09:15

Total playing time: 43:41

Contact Erz. at for ordering info!

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