Friday, August 23, 2013

HKP 022: Fresh Blood in Dead Veins [6-way split]

HKP 022: Fresh Blood in Dead Veins 

Brought together from the farthest reaches ov the planet, Fresh Blood in Dead Veins stands as a testament to the iconic union between black metal / drone enthusiasts throughout the world. Hailing from places such as Pakistan and Dubai, to India, Poland, the US, and Italy, this is a split any die-hard metal enthusiast and connoisseur would kill for! Available now at both HKP and Wulfrune Worxxx!

1. Ilhaam - The Sages 04:59
2. Spirit in Eternal Pain - Sulphur Tangerine [Dream Version] 03:37
3. Deep-pression - The Marsh 07:52
4. Twilight Fauna - City of Ashes Under a Blackened Sky 12:58
5. Valkynaz - Maddening Visions ov Grandeur 03:38
6. Null - Inverno Incandescente 19:49

Total playing time: 52:53

Contact Erz. at for ordering info!

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