Monday, November 12, 2012

Updates - Part II

Though I suppose it goes without saying, I should write it anyway. Last month's release schedule had to be postponed due to financial difficulties involving some hilariously piss-poor timing on my vehicle's end. So, after a month ov living off ov cereal and aggression, I'm back to where I need to be. Here is the upcoming release schedule for the rest ov the year:

November 15 - HKP 012: Nordjn - Tyrant's Throne tape
November 28 - TBA
December 10 - HKP 015: Ritvaladdikt / Valkynaz - Поиск истины на дне бутылки. . . . tape
December 15 - TBA
December 20 - HKP Unnumbered: Valkynaz - Throat ov the World, Part III

Schedule is subject to change if threat ov starvation or bankruptcy presents itself. Again, should go without saying, but fuck it. I needed to let you all know.



HKP 012: Nordjn - Tyrant's Throne

HKP 012: Nordjn - Tyrant's Throne

Hailing from the blackest depths ov the southern realms ov the US, Nordjn makes a triumphant return after an unyielding period ov silence and darkness with this raw, ravaged epitaph ov unhallowed, nephilic design! A prized addition for those who lament in the arts ov Moonblood, old Mayhem, and Isvind.  It is limited to 13 hand-numbered releases, available November 15.

1. Ominous Rotting Flesh [Cult Version] 01:40
2. The Fog 04:17
3. Obituary Blood [Demo] 03:09
4. Tomb Of Pagan 04:24
5. Emerges A Beast I 03:29
6. Tyrant's Throne [Demo] 02:24

Total playing time: 19:23

Contact Erz. at for ordering info!