Wednesday, June 6, 2012

HKP 002: Valkynaz - Throat ov the World pt. II / HKP 003: Valkynaz - A Colder Place. . . .

HKP 003 : Valkynaz - 2012 - A Colder Place. . . .

Originally from the 2010 album, Mutternorden, A Colder Place is a remastered, reworked, free download agreed upon by the band as well as HKP.
01. A Colder Place pt. I [Frozen Waste and Solitude]
02. A Colder Place pt. II [Beyond the Prevailing Winds]
03. A Colder Place pt. III [Fury ov the Diamond Ice]
04. A Colder Place pt. IV [Havenless Amidst the Storms]
05. A Colder Place pt. V [My Darkest Sanctuary]

Total playing time: 16:45

Available for download here:


HKP 002: Valkynaz - 2011 - Throat ov the World pt. II

Originally released as 10 handnumbered copies on cd, distributed amongst friends ov the band, and a free download for everyone else, Throat ov the World II is the sequel to its experimental ambient predecessor from 2010.

01. Krii Lun Aus
02. Reflecting Upon the Sea ov Ghosts
03. Sovngarde

Total playing time: 21:00

Available for download here:

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